Vision Fitness Commercial Ellipticals – A Good Investment For Your Facility

Vision Fitness won the 2005 Best Of Award from Health magazine. They are now rated as one of the top fitness companies in the world, and they have a dedication to customer service that only serves as one of their best benefits to the market. The line of Vision Fitness commercial ellipticals currently includes only one model.

A Visionary Club – Commercial Machines Right For Your Facility

The only current Vision commercial elliptical being manufactured is the X6600HRT. It has an MSRP of $3299. Ultrafit in the Spring of 2000 reviewed this elliptical model and suggested it was a smooth ride with no signs of instability of any kind. This elliptical makes use of an extra-heavy steel frame and the best parts available, so it can withstand years of use by fitness clients.

This commercial elliptical features an EASY-8 Continual Feedback Console that has a 10x14 dot matrix display, message center, LED feedback windows and a magazine rack integrated into the elliptical for the convenience of your customers. There are four heart rate training ellitical programs and a heart rate feedback window on the console to ensure the best possible cardio training workouts.

Additionally, this ellitpical model comes standard with five customizable programs so your customers do not experience any elliptical workout boredom. It has contact heart rate grips, and a nice finish that is easy to clean, which is a must in a commercial workout facility. In addition to the easy to clean finish, the high density foam elliptical handles are also durable and easy to clean. It also comes standard with handles for easy movement of the elliptical.

This Vision has twenty levels of resistance, and has a self-generating power source. The elliptical features a nineteen point seven five inch stride length, to accommodate the toughest of customers. This elliptical holds a maximum user weight of four hundred pounds. It has a lifetime frame warranty.


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