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Thane International Incorporated is one of the top direct response and retail marketers on a global basis. They have been in business for over ten years, and they market things like health and beauty aids, entertainment products, kitchen utensils and aids, pet care products, and self-improvement aids. They market products in over eighty countries.

Every item Thane makes is guaranteed by a thirty day warranty, which means they have a lot of repeat customers because they offer some of the best customer service in the direct response and retail marketing industry. They have been the subject of repeated honors. Most recently, they were named Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst and Young for the Southern California area.

Their strategy is to introduce products simultaneously through a number of different marketing channels to give them a competitive advantage over other direct response companies. They offer some of the most innovative products in the industry, and they handle every facet of their marketing.

Orbitrek Benefits That Are Out Of Orbit!

The Orbitrek Platinum Elliptical is currently the only elliptical model Thane makes and sells. This elliptical machine works for people at all levels of fitness. You can get cardio training in just twenty to thirty minutes in a low impact elliptical environment with little or no sore after effects for your joints or muscles.

This Orbitrek elliptical is only available through the Thane International, Inc. website. They do, though, regularly run a sale to get you interested. The Orbitrek elliptical has a normal price point of just under two hundred and fifty dollars. If you catch Thane during one of their promotions, you might be eligible for free shipping on your elliptical.

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