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Star Trac fitness equipment is among the best in the business. Star Trac is an international leader in the sale of commercial equipment. They introduced their first commercial treadmill in 1974, and since that time, they have been making user-centered exercise equipment to meet all possible needs, from the most novice exerciser to tri-athletes.

Their equipment holds up well to multiple users and requires very little maintenance. Reviews indicate commercial equipment purchasers are very happy with the Star Trac crosstrainers, and profits for Star Trac are on the rise.

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The line of Star Trac trainers currently includes four ellipticals. The Elite Crosstrainer can accommodate a user weight of up to three hundred and fifty pounds. It has a self-contained power supply and offers users up to twenty levels of resistance. There is a contact heart rate monitoring system, and eight preset programs.

The Pro Crosstrainer can accommodate users of up to four hundred and fifty pounds. It also has twenty levels of resistance and a number of nice options like a personal cooling fan. Its LCD display features a sixteen character message window that displays time, strides per minute, heart rate, course profile, resistance level, calories, watts, distance, and speed.

The Natural Runner Plus Crosstrainer is a bit different than most ellipticals. It still features a low impact workout, but it is a bit more like a treadmill than a stair climber. It has fifteen levels of intensity and eleven possible programs. It features heart rate tracking equipment, and has the capability to give you an upper body workout, which gives you better cross training ability.

The Natural Runner Crosstrainer model minimizes joint and muscle pain with its unique design. It also features fifteen levels of intensity and eleven possible programs for the most variety in your workout.

You can purchase these elliptical trainers and other exercise equipment online through Star Trac's website or other online retailers. Be sure to check the buyers guide before buying your elliptical as it will give you tips and things to look for before your big purchase.


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