Schwinn Residential Ellipticals – Working Out At Home Couldn't Be So Easy

Schwinn fitness equipment introduced the first in home workout machines in nineteen sixty-five. They are based in Vancouver, Washington. There are a number of different Schwinn residential ellipticals that get excellent consumer reviews. Their current product line includes two ellipticals.

Two Models - Two Great Choices

The Schwinn 428 P residential elliptical can be used in either forward or reverse motions. This elliptical also features heart rate control, where the computer can automatically adjust the resistance of your elliptical workout to fit your heart rate needs through a wireless heart rate monitoring device. It has excellent durability, and the elliptical console is easy to read. It also has an excellent thirty year residential warranty. There are six possible programs for this elliptical, and it has an eighteen inch stride length, which can accommodate most elliptical users. This Schwinn also features a motorized brake resistance system, which is one of the best on the market. This elliptical has an articulating footplate, as well, to keep your joints from feeling sore after a workout. The price point for this Schwinn model is around $1400.

The 418 Schwinn residential elliptical has a price point of a little over a thousand dollars. This elliptical received a best buy award in 2005 in a highly rated consumer magazine. This Schwinn features an eighteen inch stride, and an articulating footplate that mimics the natural motion of your feet and supports your heel during the workout process. The elliptical has a grip heart rate system and an Eddy current brake which helps with quiet magnetic resistance. This residential model comes with twelve programs, and an excellent LCD display that shows speed, RPM, distance, time, resistance level, load, heart rate, calories, and course profile. This Schwinn has an MSRP of $1,199.

You can purchase these Schwinn ellipticals online. You can be enjoying a club quality machine at a residential price as well as all of it's benefits in just a few short weeks. When you're ready to take your first step in achieving your fitness goals, Schwinn elliptical machines are a great choice.

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