Residential IronMan Ellipticals – Making Athletes Out Of Couch Potatoes

The line of residential IronMan ellipticals includes six trainers. IronMan exercise equipment is among the best available. IronMan fitness equipment is a division of Keys Fitness. Whether your fitness goal is to become an IronMan competitor yourself or to engage in heart pumping cardio training fro weight loss purposes, IronMan has the right equipment for you.

Build The IronMan In You – Residential Models

The residential IronMan 220e elliptical features a fifteen inch stride length and a solid steel frame. This elliptical has sixteen different levels of resistance, and a pulse monitor in the grips. It also has both upper body and lower body workout functions to increase your weight loss power.

The IronMan 320e residential elliptical model has a sixteen inch stride length and can accommodate users of up to two hundred and seventy pounds. This elliptical also features sixteen different levels of resistance, and has dual action handrails.

The IronMan 500e residential elliptical features a seventeen and a half inch stride length. This elliptical also features twelve present programs to increase your cardio training capacity. This machine can hold a maximum of three hundred pounds of user weight.

The IronMan 600e residential elliptical has a steel frame and a nineteen inch stride length. This elliptical comes standard with a five inch LCD monitor that displays time, speed, distance, strides, calories, pulse, level and watts, and six preset programs. It also has front transport wheels for easy movement and storage.

The IronMan 150e residential elliptical has EKG grip pulse in the handle bars and eight levels of manual resistance control. This elliptical has a five window LCD panel. It also has a fifteen inch stride length.

The IronMan m3EL residential elliptical model offers a quiet ride and sixteen challenging levels for you to test your workout capacity. You can use this elliptical in forward or reverse motion to reach those target areas like your thighs and calves. You can even create and store your own personal workout.

If you're ready to become an IronMan today, then order your favorite model online for easy ordering and quick home delivery.

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