Reebok Fitness Equipment Company – Exceeding Exercise Expectations

Reebok Fitness Equipment began in 1890 when Joseph William Foster began making running shoes with spikes in them. He wanted to help athletes run faster. His company, J.W. Foster and Sons sold shoes to some of the most distinguished athletes of the time. His company goal, from the start, was to help athletes achieve goals they never thought possible. Their running shoes were worn throughout the 1924 summer Olympic games.

In 1958, two of Foster's grandsons started a spin-off company called Reebok for an African gazelle. They were still a British company at this point, but that changed when Paul Fireman bought the rights to sell the shoes in 1979. He introduced three different shoes that year, each was the most expensive shoe available at sixty bucks a pop.

Building A Fitness Craze – Stepping Into It

The fitness boom of the nineteen eighties brought more shoes, and by 1981, the company was making one point five million dollars in sales. The continued interest in fitness into the nineties brought Reebok Fitness into the world of fitness equipment. They started the step fitness craze with the help of a fitness professional in Georgia named Gin Miller who suffered a knee injury. This started a worldwide fitness craze that led them to make even more fitness equipment. The Reebok name on fitness equipment is currently licensed through Icon Health and Fitness, who also owns Nordic Track, Proform, and Weslo. This change came about in the mid nineteen nineties. Reebok elliptical machines are just one of the products they make.

While they are relatively new to this market, Reebok fitness products have made an excellent start. Customer reviews indicate their equipment is top notch.

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