Orbitrek Home Elliptical Trainer – A Great Fitness Product

The Orbitrek home elliptical trainer is manufactured by Thane International Incorporated. Thane International Incorporated is one of the top direct response and retail marketers on a global basis. The Orbitrek home elliptical trainer is currently the only elliptical model this company makes and sells.

Orbitrek Features - Out Of This World

This home elliptical machine works for people at all levels of fitness. You can get cardio training in just twenty to thirty minutes in a low impact environment with little or no sore after effects for your joints or muscles. With the Orbitrek, you get a workout for both your arms and shoulders, and your leg muscles like your calves and thighs.

The elliptical flywheel cools your body as you workout. This elliptical also features a monitor to watch your fitness progress like the calories you have burned during your workout, the time you have spent working out, and your mileage and speed.

This elliptical's lightweight, compact nature allows for easy storage, even in cramped housing areas like apartments. If you choose to upgrade to the platinum elliptical model, it has installed contact pads on the handlebars and a five function monitor that also displays your heart rate. Both elliptical machines have a four piece plastic body and a three piece crank. The universal joint between the elliptical's handlebar and the pedal bar takes the stress from all of the other joints.

This elliptical is only available through the Thane International, Inc. website. They do, though, regularly run a sale to get you interested. This elliptical has a normal price point of just under two hundred and fifty dollars. If you catch them during one of their promotions, you might be eligible for free shipping on your Orbitrek.

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