Octane Fitness Residential Ellipticals – Dedicated Equipment From A Dedicated Company

The Octane Fitness residential ellipticals line includes four current models. Octane Fitness is dedicated solely to elliptical machines. They were founded in 2001, and the company leaders bring more than fifty years of combined fitness experience to the table each day.

Get Your Workout Fueled Up – Home Octane Models

The Octane Fitness Q35 residential elliptical has ergonomically designed handlebars to assist with correct posture. This Octane also features stationary handlebars as a safety device. Other safety devices in this elliptical include the forward thinking front design that encloses all moving parts. This can ensure children or pets in the home won't be harmed by the equipment. The low step-up height on the elliptical means it is easy to get on and go. The elliptical has over-sized pedals for added comfort as well as an accessory tray and a reading rack.

The Octane Q35e residential fitness elliptical has all of the features of the Q35 elliptical. It also adds five preprogrammed cardio training elliptical workouts to increase your heart rate, which can help with your weight loss goals. So you are aware of your heart rate at all times, the Q35e elliptical features a wireless heart rate monitor. This sends a signal to your elliptical so you can consistently and constantly reach your target heart rate. It also features Now Zone technology to lock in your heart rate during your elliptical workout. The elliptical computer can then adjust your levels to be sure you are reaching that heart rate on a continual basis. The Q35e residential elliptical has X-Mode plus and Glute Kicker for the best cross training available in an elliptical machine.

The Octane Q45 elliptical has multi-grip handlebars and an adjustable elliptical stride length. It also features elliptical programs to increase cardio training and to help with weight loss. New technology includes X-Mode and five elliptical programs to vary your stride, direction, and resistance for the best workout available.

The Q45e elliptical combines all of the Q45 residential elliptical features with the extra features of the Q35elliptical.

When you're ready to buy your elliptical be sure to buy it online at the best price. Also watch for free shipping promotions as well as enjoy the convenience of delivery right to your door.

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Octane Fitness is dedicated to high performance residential and commercial elliptical trainers. Entering the fitness industry in 2001, and the company leaders bring an extensive fitness background and more than fifty years of combined experience. 

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