Octane Fitness Equipment Company – Exceeding Exercise Expectations

Octane Fitness equipment is dedicated solely to elliptical machines. They were founded in 2001, and the company leaders bring more than fifty years of combined fitness experience to the table each day.

One of the founders, Tim Porth, was the senior business director of cardiovascular products at Life Fitness. He also spent some time as a designer for Nordic Track. The other founder, Dennis Lee, continues to be president of the company. He met Porth through their roles at Life Fitness. Together, they came up with the concept of dedicating a company to elliptical trainers. Their corporate mission, posted on their website, states “Octane Fitness creates innovative, high performance elliptical products that our customers enjoy and use to improve their lives.”

They are based in Minnesota and make both home and commercial ellipticals. Their innovations include Body Mapping Ergonomics, QuadLink Technology, HeartLogic Intelligence, and X-Mode Interactive Trainer. Their mission is to reshape and perfect elliptical machines. They have earned a number of awards, including the prestigious Consumer Guide Best Buy Award. Octane elliptical trainers come in two versions: home and club. Current models include Q35/Q35e and Q45/Q45e elliptical cross trainers for home use and Pro35, Pro350 and Pro350XL elliptical cross trainers for commercial use.

Octane – What Sets Them Apart?

Octane Fitness works to be sure they have resources available to research both biomechanics and ergonomics. They don't simply look at the machines on the current market. They watch how the body moves and decide how their machines can best accommodate any kind of user.

They use motion analysis software in the development of their product. They also model the elliptical machine and perform additional tests to see whether or not it will work for their customers. They employ everyone from biomechanics professionals to exercisers to ensure a quality product at every level.


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Octane Fitness is dedicated to high performance residential and commercial elliptical trainers. Entering the fitness industry in 2001, and the company leaders bring an extensive fitness background and more than fifty years of combined experience. 

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