New Balance Fitness Equipment – A Household Name

New Balance Fitness Equipment is made by Fitness Quest. Fitness Quest Incorporated makes a number of different fitness products. In addition to the New Balance ellipticals, they also make the Eclipse ellipticals, and Tony Little’s Gazelle.

They are well known in the industry because they provide a quality product at an affordable price. They are based in Canton, Ohio, and originally, they only marketed exercise equipment through television infomercials detailing equipment. Now you can buy their products, including New Balance equipment at most discount retail outlets and through the internet.

The New Balance brand began in 1934 when William J. Riley started making prescription footwear for people who were on their feet all day. In 1961, they made the Trackster, a running shoe that was available in multiple widths. Their goal is to focus on function over fashion both in terms of their shoes and their fitness equipment. The company continues to expand, and they expect to offer more products in the coming years.

Balance Your Life With One Of These Ellipticals

The New Balance elliptical line includes two current models: the 5.5 elliptical trainer, featuring ComForm Technology to both fit and support every part of your body, and the 9.0 New Balance elliptical trainer with eight levels of resistance and thirteen preprogrammed workouts for variety in your exercise program.

You can get these ellipticals through the Fitness Quest and New Balance websites. They regularly run excellent elliptical sales. You can save twenty to twenty-five percent on your chosen ellipticals or other equipment during one of their sales. They even have financing options through the company to save you the upfront cost of the exercise equipment you choose. Shipping usually takes seven to ten days.

Be sure to check the buyers guide before you make your elliptical purchase. It provides you tips on what to look for when buying an elliptical and may give you an idea or two of things you didn't even consider.


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