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Nautilus Incorporated makes brands like Schwinn Fitness, Bowflex, Stairmaster, and Trimline. They are a leading marketer, developer, and manufacturer of all types of fitness equipment including both home and commercial models. They have over thirty years of equipment experience.

Founded in 1986, Nautilus currently employs around fourteen hundred people. They are headquartered out of Vancouver, Washington. In the Spring of 2005, they launched a new line of treadmills, variable stride Nautilus residential ellipticals, and a commercial TreadClimber to round out their cardio training line.

In 2004, the company did more than five hundred thousand dollars in net sales. They have no long term debt, which means they are quite secure in the financial arena. They expect to increase their sales by fifteen to twenty percent in the next fiscal year. Company stock initially went public in 1999. It usually trades for a steady price. Gregg Hammann is the current company president. In just a few short years, he has transformed the company to a major innovator in the fitness market. He has years of business experience that have only served to enhance the corporation.

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