Kettler Home Ellipticals – Good For You And Your Wallet

The Kettler company is a German based operation that has been in business for over fifty years. The line of Kettler home ellipticals includes several current models.

Kettler Extensive Options

One home elliptical, the Kettler Astro elliptical crosstrainer, has an easy to operate onboard computer, double ball bearings on all of the hinges for a smoother ride, handgrips with a pulse measuring device built in. This elliptical is an excellent model for beginners.

The Kettler VITO XL home elliptical has ten levels of resistance. The onboard LCD measures time, speed, pedaling rhythm, distance covered per session, total distance covered, energy consumption, room temperature, pulse rate and recovery-pulse rate.

The Kettler Condor home elliptical has a magnetic brake system with ten levels of resistance. The forty five pound flywheel offer smooth motion in both forward and reverse functions. This elliptical also has a six inch adjustable footplate, and has a very quiet running system. The non-slip pedals offer an added safety feature. This elliptical will hold users of up to three hundred and thirty pounds.

The Kettler Mondeo home elliptical has an attractive design and eight possible training programs, including one to focus on your cardio training. This elliptical features five levels of resistance. It also has a three year warranty.

The Kettler XTR1 home elliptical has an electronic pulse monitoring system via an ear clip for constant monitoring ability. There are seven preprogrammed workouts. There is an LCD readout with this elliptical that shows load profile, performance level, number of cycles, a timer, calorie consumption, training distance, total kilometers, speed, room temperature, and pulse. This elliptical also has personal computer interface abilities.

The Kettler CTR1 home elliptical features an induction brake system to aid resistance. It has eight exercise programs, and features a sixteen inch stride length. It, too, has an upper body workout function, and the ability to go backward or forward to work major target muscle groups like the calves and the thighs. This elliptical also features wheels for easy movements, storage, and transport. The maximum possible user weight is three hundred and thirty pounds.

The Kettler CTR2 home elliptical has many of the same features. It offers an easy to see blue LCD that has readouts for everything you might want to know during your workout. There is an electronic pulse meter via an ear clip or pulse hand grips. This elliptical also has eight possible exercise programs.

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