IronMan Exercise Equipment – A Company Dedicated to Making Novices Feel Like Tri-Athletes

IronMan exercise equipment is among the best available. IronMan fitness gear is a division of Keys Fitness. They make treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, and strength training products.

Keys Fitness is based out of Garland, Texas. They obtained the rights to sell IronMan fitness equipment in 2002 when the IronMan Triathalon committee licensed the name to them. Their products are engineered to last and are built to accommodate the needs of both novices and athletes alike. Whether your fitness goal is to become an IronMan competitor yourself or to engage in heart pumping cardio training for weight loss purposes, IronMan has the right gear for you.

Keys – Some Company Background

Keys is mostly known for their treadmills, but they also make all sorts of other exercise equipment including bikes, steppers, home gyms, and, obviously, ellipticals. Besides IronMan, their other brand names include Alliance, CardioMax, Discovery, Encore, HealthTrainer, Keys, and Power System. Keys sells its products through over seven thousand retailers in thirty seven countries including the United States and Canada.

In 2005, Keys Fitness was able to purchase Icon's image spa unit, which means they are again expanding their line. This merger will more than double their size and their profits. They are also adding to the IronMan line, as it has proved rather popular over the last few years.

Keys is a privately held company. They currently only have thirty-eight employees, despite their high sales numbers. Last year, they did forty-eight million dollars in sales with all of their product lines. The president and CEO of Keys Fitness is Tim Chen. The COO is David Williams, and the public relations officer is Ken Kruebbe. Together, these three men have built a tiny company into something great, and acquiring the IronMan brand name has only helped. IronMan exercise gear can be bought from specialty fitness retailers online. Check out the reviews before buying as well as the tips provided in the buyers guide.


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