Horizon Commercial Ellipticals – Built to Last

Horizon Fitness equipment is commercial quality exercise equipment for the home. According to reviews, they are highly dedicated to their customers, and they offer one of the industry's strongest warranties. Horizon commercial ellipticals elite series features four current models: the 4.2 E, the 3.2E, the 2.2E, and the 1.2E.

Commercial Models - Your Customers Need

The Horizon 4.2E commercial elliptical has an eighteen inch stride and twenty programmable resistance levels. It features ten preset programs, including one for weight loss and one for cardio training for all commercial customers. The elliptical console is a blue backlit LCD monitor with one touch keys for convenience. This elliptical has both a contact and a telemetric heart rate monitor with an included commercial chest strap. This elliptical has a twenty-three centimeter step-on height, and rubber pivoting footpads. This commercial horizon comes with an installed fan to keep customers cool during your tough cross training sessions. This commercial model can hold a maximum user weight of three hundred and twenty five pounds.

The Horizon 3.2 E commercial elliptical has ten programmable resistance levels and a hand grip heart rate monitor. This elliptical can hold a maximum user weight of three hundred pounds. This commercial model also comes with a great warranty. It features an eighteen inch stride length, and it comes loaded with seven programs to stave off elliptical workout boredom. The console is a blue backlit LCD with one touch keys. The elliptical step on height is only twenty three centimeters, which means it should fit almost anywhere, even in areas with low ceilings.

The Horizon 2.2E commercial elliptical has a sixteen inch stride length and four programs to help guide your workout. This elliptical comes loaded with four programs and twenty programmable levels of resistance. This commercial model has a sixteen inch stride length and can hold a maximum of two hundred and seventy pounds of user weight.

The Horizon 1.2E commercial elliptical has has a contact heart rate monitor and an LCD control panel. This elliptical has fifteen levels of resistance that are manually controlled. This commercial model has a thirty centimeter step on height and can hold a maximum of two hundred and fifty pounds from the user.

Horizon Fitness provides workout equipment to some of the top gyms and athletes today. No gym should be without one of these Horizon models.


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