Gazelle Exercise Gliders – Helping You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Gazelle exercise gliders currently have five effective models. Fitness Quest Incorporated makes a number of different fitness products including the Tony Little Gazelle Line of elliptical machines.

Tony's Fitness Glider – Choose Your Favorite Gazelle

One Gazelle exercise glider, the Freestyle Elite includes a heart rate monitor and adjustable power pistons. The power pistons allow you to set your workout level to beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These three glider levels help you decide the intensity and weight loss level of your exercise session. This glider has an onboard computer to help you track your progress.

The Freestyle Evolution features seventeen exercises and four resistance levels. Possible exercises with this glider include Stretching, Walking, Jogging, Sprinting, Cross Country Skiing, Upper Body Push, Digging, Butt Squeeze, Inner and Outer Thigh and Hurdler's Sprint.

The Gazelle Freestyle offers low-impact cardio training. This glider also has soft glide technology to help you achieve your fitness goals. This machine gives you a great cross training workout that helps reshape target muscles like your thighs and your calves. This glider also has extra wide platforms for stability purposes. This glider folds easily for storage, so you do not have to worry about finding a place for it in your home.

The Edge Glider has rear drive motion and eight levels of elliptical resistance for maximum workout capabilities. There are built-in pulse sensors in the handgrips. This glider can carry a user weight of two hundred and seventy five pounds. It offers ten exercises in one workout.

The Freestyle SuperTrainer glider is the most recent product. This glider also features soft glide technology and can give you a low impact cardio-training and adjustable resistance workout that will tone your muscles. This glider is perfect for users who want extreme weight loss.

Choose your favorite Gazelle model and order it online today. You won't be disappointed. Reviews are favorable for these low cost machines. Check the buyers guide for tips when buying your elliptical machine.

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