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Fitness Quest Incorporated is based in Canton, Ohio. They make a number of different fitness products including the Eclipse elliptical, Tony Little’s Freestyle elliptical gliders, and New Balance fitness equipment. Most people know the Fitness Quest name from infomercials, as that was, at one time, their primary method of sales. Most people also know and respect the Fitness Quest name because they make a great product at a really fair price. You can now buy most Fitness Quest products through infomercials, at discount retailers, or through the Internet.

Because the Internet has become one of their primary methods of sale, Fitness Quest has developed an extensive privacy policy to protect you and your information. If you choose not to buy from the website, you never have to give them your name or any other personal information. While they do make use of cookies, it is only to help them understand what kinds of people visit their site so they can better gear their products toward you.

Pick Your Little Favorite

Fitness Quest currently markets Tony Little's gliders and a number of specialty fitness videos & DVDs. Their glider line offers the Freestyle Elite which includes a heart rate monitor and adjustable power pistons. The Freestyle Evolution features seventeen exercises and four resistance levels. The Gazelle Freestyle offers low-impact cardio training. They offer other elliptical models through the Eclipse brand name. Both Fitness Quest brands get very high consumer reviews.

Some Company History

Fitness Quest is a was founded by Bob Schnable, and is currently a private company. The company began with the fitness boom of the nineteen eighties.

They employ more than one hundred and fifty people. At their home base, they have both a manufacturing and a distribution facility at their location, so it is easier to get the products to you.


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