Eclipse Home Ellipticals – The Best Workout You Can Get

Eclipse exercise equipment is manufactured by Fitness Quest, Inc. They are based in Canton, Ohio, and originally, they only marketed exercise equipment through television infomercials. Now you can buy their products at most discount retail outlets and through the internet. Eclipse home ellipticals currently markets five models.

Eclipse Poor Fitness Habits With Great Home Models

One home elliptical model, the Eclipse 1100HR, has an orbital linkage system that provides a low impact stride to keep your joints and muscles from being sore after the toughest cross training workouts. This elliptical has pulse sensors built into the handgrips, and has six different training programs for things like cardio training to weight loss. The LCD screen on this elliptical displays time, speed, distance, and calories. It also has oversized slip resistant foot pedals for comfort and safety. The MSRP is $399.

The Eclipse1100HRA home elliptical features ten preset programs and a fifteen inch stride length. This elliptical has twelve possible resistance levels and can accommodate users of up to two hundred and fifty pounds. The MSRP is $449.

The Eclipse 1000HR home elliptical features solid construction. This elliptical offers electronic resistance. It also features a great warranty. It offers twelve possible workouts. It also has heart rate control. This elliptical features a six inch stride. The MSRP is $399.

The Eclipse 2100 HRA home elliptical offers an expanded electronics package. This elliptical also features a fifteen inch stride length and has wheels for easy storage and movement. This elliptical has two heart rate control programs for the best cardio benefits available. The MSRP is $499.

The Eclipse 4100 HRA home elliptical features an electromagnetic resistance system and a total of eight programs. This elliptical offers a complete workout, as it has upper body functions too. Combine that with the pulse monitoring system and the levels shown on the display, and you’ll be in the calorie burning zone in no time. The MSRP is $649.

Eclipse poor fitness today with one of these home elliptical models. Order yours online and start making new changes to your life.

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